• Diploma Plus® is built on the belief that all students-particularly those who have not been well served in traditional settings-can be academically successful if they are engaged in high-quality programs that promote high standards and expectations for achievement.  Diploma Plus (DP) programs provide a relevant curriculum; include strong youth development and supportive services; and establish clear and attainable pathways to higher education and vocational training.  Our schools and programs function at the secondary level and predominantly serve urban, underrepresented youth, including those for whom English is a second language.  

     It is DP's goal to provide these students a supportive environment emphasizes academics and transitional opportunities to post-secondary to career-ready success.  DP schools incorporate a supportive school culture, a performance-based approach, future fo­cus, and effective supports in order to increase opportuni­ties for students so that they have the ability to graduate college- and career-ready.