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  •  Who is APEX Academy?

    APEX class of 2011 Graduation


    Four years ago, a high school opened in East Hollywood with a mission: to give all students every opportunity to graduate high school and go to college. This high school, the Academic Performance Excellence Academy (AKA APEX Academy), finds itself trapped in the middle of the LAUSD budget crisis, and must convert to a charter school to save our teachers, our unique approach to programming, our innovative instructional design (Diploma Plus Model), and most importantly, our students. We need your help to ensure that this school stays open to continue serving the low-income, at-risk students.  We want to give them chances to graduate, go to college, and start a bright future for them.


    The Academic Performance Excellence Academy has a unique approach to counseling and programming that allows students who need extra time and classes to still graduate and attend four-year universities, while still enabling classic over-achievers to leave high school early and graduate into the competitive UC system.  The school has successfully graduated students in three, four and five academic years and successfully sent students to universities from each group.  The counselors pore over student’s transcripts to tailor each schedule to the student’s needs. At APEX, students are never allowed to “slip through the cracks”, as every student is known by name.


    Our students come from largely from first generation immigrant families who work hard, but don’t have the resources to provide their children with all the necessary tools to seek higher education.


    APEX Academy adopted the Diploma Plus Model, a proven school model for at-risk students in urban school settings.  The Academic Performance Excellence Academy is a place where careful programming and one-on-one conferences give students the flexibility they need to realize their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem.  APEX teaches eight periods in total (four per day) which allows us to be creative and flexible with programming. It ensures that students have as many avenues as possible for success. Some students leap ahead and finish in three years; others suffer personal or family hardship and need extra time and more classes.



    The people at APEX have an exceptional understanding of the students we serve. In March of 2011, the counselors conducted a survey to better understand the context of the lives of the students. APEX asked about everything from their living situations, eating and sleeping habits, reasons for tardiness, parental involvement, family responsibilities, and emotions and stressors, just to name a few. Feedback from this survey better enables APEX staff to see where to expend resources and support to help the students experience academic success.

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    The most important thing we can accomplish as a charter school is the allocation of funds to better serve the needs of our students. We started out with a vision of truly individualized attention for each student, small class sizes, and an arts program that would offer engaging electives to our student body. Over the years, our budget, teachers, and staff have been drastically cut, moved and shuffled.  Given the current LAUSD projections for the next school year, along with further cuts/displacements due to the projections it will not be feasible to fully serve our students as they deserve.  As a charter school, APEX Academy will have the ability to allocate funds to what we know as a small school community will benefit our students most.

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    *Source: LAUSD School Report Card for 2010-2011; LAUSD MyData Database.

    • Last year, APEX Academy’s Academic Performance Index score jumped 40 points.
    • APEX Academy met all its No Child Left Behind mandated Adequate Yearly Progress goals.
    • APEX Academy is one of only five secondary schools (middle and high schools combined) in LAUSD to have met all API and AYP goals
    • 69 percent of 9th graders promoted to the 10th grade.  District wide the average is at 65 percent.
    • 89 percent of 10th graders promoted to the 11th grade at APEX Academy.  District wide the average is at 69 percent of students reaching that mark.
    • In one year, APEX Academy raised the number of 10th graders passing the CAHSEE by 17 percentage points.
    • District-wide, 27 percent of students are on track to complete their A-G college admissions requirements with a “C” or better. At APEX Academy, 30 percent of students have reached that mark.
    • Only school with a model to successfully program all students into an all “A-G” college eligibility plan, and effectively graduating and getting students admitted into CSUs and UCs in 3, 4 and 5 academic years.
    • The instructional staff has higher than district-average attendance.
    • Overall ADA for the last three years oscillated between 89%-93%, within the average range for LAUSD secondary schools, except with a population that prior to APEX enrollment oscillated between 20%-96%.
    • APEX Academy English Learners are out-performing students district-wide in English classes.  56 percent of APEX Academy English Learners are passing English with a “C” or better. The LAUSD average is 44 percent.
    • 39 percent of English learners at APEX Academy are scoring proficient on the California English Language Development Test.  District wide, the average is 24 percent.
    • This progress has been made in spite of staff instability brought on by state/district budget cuts. Only 33 percent of the small faculty has been at the school for at least three years. The average school in the district has been able to retain 81 percent of its teachers throughout the budget crisis.


    Office #343• 1309 North Wilton Place Los Angeles, CA 90028• (323) 817.6550• Fax (323) 817.6555


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